About MiSmile

MiSmile exists to connect dentists, orthodontists, and consumers, and make Invisalign more accessible to all.

We run on a win-win model. Our MiSmile programmes give you the tools to drive Invisalign awareness and a better, more streamlined patient experience, so you can help more patients achieve a straight smile with Invisalign, and grow your business exponentially.

We have over 20 years of experience in Invisalign practice growth. Our founder and CEO, Dr Sandeep Kumar, has lived and breathed Invisalign for decades, having grown multiple businesses from zero to over £1m revenue.

MiSmile’s growth programmes and award-winning community is completely unique in the dental world, and the only Invisalign growth programmes endorsed by Align Technology.

We are proud to say that through our community we are the UK’s largest Invisalign provider. At MiSmile we never stand still – we continually invest in building our offerings, and have also established growth programmes in Poland and the Nordics.

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The only Invisalign growth programmes endorsed by Align Technology
Grow your Invisalign business up to 1000%
660 strong community of Invisalign providers
The UK’s largest Invisalign provider - over 40,000 new smiles

A smile for a smile
Over £279,000 raised

MiSmile proudly supports our charity partner, Operation Smile

Operation Smile does vital work performing operations for children around the world that have been born with cleft lips and palates. Operation Smile works primarily in lower and middle income countries, where this care would otherwise not be accessible. Without this care, children with cleft lips and palates often face a life of physical difficulty and social isolation, with some cases even being fatal.

All proceeds of our annual MiSmile Awards Gala are donated to Operation Smile. Additionally, through our smile for a smile donation partnership, our MiSmilers help us support this vital charity with every Invisalign case they accept, so even more children with cleft conditions live the normal, happy life they deserve.

Our MiSmile team

Dr Sandeep Kumar
MiSmile Founder & CEO

Sandeep is the man behind MiSmile, and can only be described as a trailblazer in the world of Invisalign.

Originally from India, Sandeep came to the UK in 1999. He qualified with the GDC in 2000 and on the lookout for his next opportunity, bought his first practice in 2003.

More than 20 years later, and after recognising the huge business potential Invisalign could bring, Sandeep has built his success around the clear aligner brand and has inspired and encouraged those around him to do the same.

Sandeep is the hands-on leader of MiSmile, driving continual new innovations in our growth programmes, and delivering learnings at our exclusive events.

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2022 winner

Ali Meredith

MiSmile Programme Director

Cat McLennan

MiSmile Operations Director

Laura Johnson

MiSmile Business Development Manager

Fiona Harrison

MiSmile Network Relationship Manager (North)

Charlie Sandhu

MiSmile Network Relationship Manager (South)

Harpreet Kaur

MiSmile Connect Programme Coordinator

Jasmine Ayres

MiSmile Senior Project Manager

Rahil Kumar

MiSmile Marketing Manager

Antony Collins

MiSmile Creative Designer

Camara Harris

MiSmile Junior Designer

Michaela Parmar

MiSmile Project Assistant

Award-winning community

MiSmile has won multiple awards for the experiences we deliver to Invisalign providers. Only by joining MiSmile do you get access to this coveted and exclusive community that enables you to secure your place at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry.

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